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The Next, natural Evolution of the Rocket Mirror! Now with an amazingly Beautifully Polished edge for that Unique Bicolor contrast cut look!

We have been working with CNC Racing to produce a beautiful, high quality Bar End Mirror since the beginning of 2017, and while CNC Racing thought they were ready to deliver their new "Rocket" Bar End Mirrors to us in November of 2017, I (Randy - the owner) refused to accept them, and sent them all back, along with a CRG Hindsight LS Mirror for comparison.

You see, for over a decade the CRG Hindsight LS mirrors (seen here) were the GOLD STANDARD of motorcycle mirrors, but CRG had some issues in 2017 and wouldn't play nice, so we set out to beat them at their own game with CNC Racing's beautiful new ROCKET Mirrors!

What was wrong with the first CNC Racing ROCKET Mirrors?  The glass was too flat! European Law requires flat glass be used, but CONVEX glass is SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER, and the CRG Mirrors used perhaps the best convex lens available.

What was wrong with the CRG Hindsight LS Mirrors? The styling is old/dated, and the mirrors tend to fold in on their own at speeds above 100mph, or when returning from a wheelie.

So after a bit of back and forth, we have developed a more perfect Bar End Mirror for the motorcyclist that features the same amazing, convex glass as the CRG Hindsight LS Mirrors, but wraps it up in a more beautiful, smarter, and stronger package.

The convex mirror features an 81mm diameter, to ensure the best possible visibility and the mirror can be fitted in either low or high position and is compatible with most handlebars, both original and non, with an expansion assembly system (handlebar internal diameter Ø 13.5/18.5 mm)  or with a M6 screw (both included).


- Sold individually, make sure to buy both mirrors!

-An M8 Bolt adapter kit is sold Separately below

- Bar End Mounting Adapters are INCLUDED (saving you $20 per side when compared to the CRG Bar End Mirrors)

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