About Us

About Us

BellissiMoto was officially created on April 16th of 2008 by Randy Nedescu (that’s me!), while I was attending Clemson University (graduated class of 2009 - Go Tigers!), and just 21 years old. It would be impossible to learn the store of BellissiMoto without this little back story, so please bear with me here...

A rather typical All American from Buffalo NY, I grew up riding dirt bikes in the summer and playing hockey in the winter before moving out west and really accelerating my love for 2 wheels! By 10 years old I was racing dirt bikes in hare scrambles across the deserts of Nevada, California, and Arizona. It was around this age when I snagged a cool Ducati poster and hung it on my bedroom wall. I looked at those 2 cool Italian machines every night for years... Until I turned 16 collected all my savings and bought my very first Ducati, a 2002 Monster 620 Dark edition.

Things snowballed quickly from there as I worked hard to fuel my passion. When I was 18 years old I owned 7 exotic bikes at once. At the age of 19 I was the youngest store manager of a Cycle Gear (store #74 in Memphis TN) in their company history where I worked for a year before returning to South Carolina to finish my college education.

Well the lessons I learned from managing a Cycle Gear store, combined with my love of upgrading exotic motorcycles, and the fact that their was undoubtedly a void in the US market led to my creation of BellissiMoto!

After about 6 months I had grown out of my on campus apartment, and 2 years later it was time to move out of my families garage that I had basically hijacked to run my store. So I hired one of my first customers, and a good friend of mine, named Lyle Collotzi to join me on this quest and moved to a real shop in downtown Knoxville TN. Here we had; The Dragons Tail, the Foothills Parkway, Hellbender, the Skyway, the Devils Triangle, and more great rides within minutes from our location and we were happy to be able to build and test our bikes on the best asphalt on earth!

As we continued to grow, we left Tennessee for a location I purchased with my father in South Carolina where we ran BellissiMoto in one half of the shop, and a Gun Store in the other half! What could be more American! LOL well after 3 years of that, it was really clear that we needed a bigger, more beautiful location, with room for a lot more inventory, in a place where more of our customers could come and visit.

It was also painfully obvious that our website was very outdated (I built it in 2008, with no prior website experience using Yahoo Sitebuilder, and paypal), so soon after we moved to our new Las Vegas location in 2015 we immediately expanded our staff, and focused on improving our website. 2 years later, towards the end of 2017 our new/current website was launched!

We also fielded an MV Agusta F3 in the MOTOAMERICA Championship SuperSport class, supporting a local young rider named Javelin Broderick, who was just 19 at the time, a true novice to most of the tracks on the calendar, and he still managed to nail 7th place on our beautiful (sexiest bike on track!) MV Agusta racebike!

Our current racing ambitions are both smaller, and faster than ever before, with my latest addition to the team - Paul Geldziler (21 year USAF veteran!) who has spearheaded the Tarmac Faction/BellissiMoto racing team, which fields the Yamaha R3 in the ULTRA-COMPETITIVE Ultra Lightweight SuperSport 300 class of CVMA, where this passionate 47 year old  (2017/18 winter season) has absolutely dominated in his first year out with a perfect season - 1st place every single time baby!!!

Now our store is bigger and better than ever, with over 6500 square feet of showroom and warehouse space, supporting over 25,000 unique items, maintaining exclusive distribution rights for dozens of the worlds top brands, over a million dollars in inventory, amazing product and bike displays, an expert staff, a top of the line website, exhibitions at motorcycle shows, races, events and more.

Please keep supporting us, as we continue to support the sport, and let’s see how our story continues to develop!

We honestly could not be more grateful for the last 10 years of love and support that this community has shown us, and we hope to earn 10 more great and exciting years from you as well.