MWR Air Filter and Power Up Kit for the Ducati Scrambler 400 / 800 and Monster 797


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NOTE: You need both the Air Filter and the Power Up Kit for Maximum power.  So purchase them together because purchasing Just the Airfilter or just the Power Up Kit will only give you that item, not both

It's a lot of fun to ride a slow bike fast.


It's even more fun to have a faster "slow" bike than your friends.


Show them up with our MWR Performance Air Filter and Power Up Kit.

You need both the Air Filter and the Power Up Kit for Maximum power.


The stock airbox on the Ducati Scrambler is highly restrictive and we have the ONLY solution to gain real power. You are required to modify your airbox, but the installation is relatively easy, as cutting templates are provided, along with the necessary installation hardware. With this kit your engine will have access to more than 50% more incoming air.


More pictures and installation instructions are available here -

Make Model Years
ducati monster 797 2017 - 2020
ducati scrambler cafe racer 2017 - 2020
ducati scrambler classic 2015 - 2018
ducati scrambler desert sled 2017 - 2020
ducati scrambler flat track pro 2015 - 2016
ducati scrambler full throttle 2015 - 2020
ducati scrambler icon 2015 - 2020
ducati scrambler italia independent 2015 - 2016
ducati scrambler mach2.0 2018 - 2018
ducati scrambler sixty2 2016 - 2020
ducati scrambler street classic 2018 - 2018
ducati scrambler urban enduro 2015 - 2016

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