Continental ContiRoad Attack 4 Street / Sport Touring Tire


  • Brand: Continental
  • Product Code: 02447050000
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ContiRoad Attack 4 -
The Hyper-Touring Tire

  • Easy, intuitive handling characteristics to complement the newest machines, while upgrading the performance of older bikes
  • All-new compound and updated tread pattern gives a massive boost to wet weather performance, with superb grip in all conditions and even better dry grip that rivals pure sport tires.
  • New ‘slick’ area on the upper tread shoulder, for class-topping cornering grip at high lean angles
  • Revised front tire construction gives more feedback and improved agility, with reduced tendency to ‘stand up’ during hard cornering
  • TractionSkin technology means tires are ready to use straight away with a short break-in period – so no nasty surprises when riding away from the tire fitter

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