Ducati Spacers Heat Shield Kit for Ducati Panigale V4 and Streetfighter V4


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Sick of roasted nuts??!! 

The Panigale Heat Shield Kit is a custom, die-cut heat shield set designed to drastically reduce radiant heat from the seat/bodywork of your Panigale / Streetfighter V4! It works with all seat configurations- stock, comfort, racing, etc.

NOTE: OEM bodywork, subframe, seat are not included- only the extended right side engine cover and heat shielding material!

An aluminized, adhesive fiberglass material is used to create the heat shields. It's capable of withstanding radiant heat up to 2000°F, and the adhesive can withstand temperatures of 500-600°F, so there's no need to worry about the material being damaged by heat from the engine or exhaust.

The kit has undergone many months of development and real-world testing on several bikes in extreme Southern California desert heat, and has held up perfectly! Zero degradation of the aluminized surface or adhesive has been noted.

The kit comes with a full-color instruction manual detailing the install process. Anyone with very basic hand tools and a couple hours to spare can install it!

Check out the thermal imaging, which showcases a huge difference in seat/bodywork temperature after installation of the heat shield kit. These were taken on a FLIR thermal camera after a 40-minute ride consisting of about 30 minutes freeway, and 10 minutes on local streets.

Prior to developing this kit, I was convinced that it was impossible to daily ride a Panigale - it was just too hot and uncomfortable. This kit completely transformed that view! It's not a small investment, but given the significant development time, material cost, and benefits to your manhood (and womanhood!), I hope you'll agree that it's a great value!

Make Model Years
ducati panigale v4 2018 - 2023
ducati panigale v4 r 2019 - 2021
ducati panigale v4 r 2023 - 2023
ducati panigale v4 s 2018 - 2023
ducati panigale v4 sp 2021 - 2023
ducati streetfighter v4 2020 - 2023
ducati streetfighter v4 lamborghini 2023 - 2023
ducati streetfighter v4 s 2020 - 2023
ducati streetfighter v4 sp 2021 - 2023

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