K-Tech 120-013-130-010 Suspension 20IDS Fork Cartridges


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20mm Pistons / 14mm Shaft Open Cartridge Design Adjustable Rebound (One Leg) Adjustable Compression (One Leg) Adjustable Preload Independent Damping System Includes Travel Indicator and Fork Spring set Please choose rate: (ranges from 7.0N to 9.5N)

K-Tech 20IDS (20mm Independent Damping System) front fork cartridges are a complete replacement damping system designed to fit into original equipment front forks that do not allow for external compression adjustment. The 20IDS cartridges are designed and manufactured in house to the same standard as all our performance products using the highest grade materials and processes. The 20IDS cartridges have independent compression and rebound damping adjustment and spring preload.

Like original OEM fork internals, many aftermarket cartridges are manufactured with non-anodized aluminum and/or mild steel components. It is important to compare the K-Tech design and manufacturing philosophy which goes the extra mile utilizing all hard anodized aluminum or hard chromed steel internal components. This detail reduces contaminants that build up in the fork fluids which reduces maintenance, prolongs durability and increases consistency of performance. Typically, users are surprised to see clean oil emerge when performing scheduled fork maintenance rather than dark, contaminated oil.

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