CNC Racing Foot Peg End Caps for SPORT COMFORT Universal and all CNC Racing Rearsets with Round Pegs


  • Brand: CNC Racing
  • Product Code: PCP01B
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Stock Quantity: 2

Footpegs end cap made from a light alloy, machined from billet, with subsequent anodization of the surface.

Sold in pairs

Fits only on CNC Racing footpegs and rear sets:

Rear Sets

  • PE100
  • PE150
  • PE160
  • PE170
  • PE210
  • PE222
  • PE223 Althea
  • PE225
  • PE400
  • PE400 Althea
  • PE400 Pramac
  • PE405
  • PE406
  • PE407
  • PE430
  • PE440
  • PE441
  • PE442

  • PC110
  • PC111
  • PC122

Rear Sets

  • PE226
  • PC110
  • PC111

Footpegs M8:
  • PC120
  • PC121

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