Gilles Billet Handlebar Grips


  • Brand: Gilles
  • Product Code: HG-01-KIT
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These Gilles Tooling high quality and milled aluminum grips with diamond patterned molded rubber provide maximum grip combined with an ergonomic and unique shape.

Thanks to our innovative clamping mechanism a simple and quick installation is assured.

The outer diameter of the grips is 32.5mm, the length is 118mm.

The grips can be used for:

  • gas grips with a uniformly constant diameter of 25-25.7 mm.
  • clutch sides with an uniformly constant diameter of 22-22.4 mm.

(Plastic rims may be present on some motorcycles, these must be removed at their discretion)

    The handles are not suitable for:

    • motorcycles with inch sized handlebars
    • motorcycles with heating grips.

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