Proti Headlight Stay (Bracket) Mounting bolt Kit for Ducati Panigale V4 / S / R / Speciale


  • Brand: Proti
  • Product Code: M6L20-P04
  • Availability: 1-2 Weeks
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Welcome to PROTI. The absolute stongest Fully Forged 64 Titanium Bolt for racing. PROTI Fully Forged 64Ti Bolts are the result of a unique hot and cold forging technique which produces a tensile strength of 10.9. Competitors' Titanium bolts are much weaker with a tensile strength of only Grade 7-8, using a half forged process where the socket is CNC machined instead of the entire piece, or fully CNC machined altogether...both methods exposing material weakness. The PROTI Fully Forged 64Ti Bolt is all fully forged in one piece from socket to body, keeping the material flow stress completed instead of cutting them off. It is hands down the absolute best, strongest Fully Forged 64Ti Bolt money can by.

Panigale V4 Headlight Bracket - P20 Drawing 14A, pos.10 - 77251018B - 4pcs/Set

Make Model Years
ducati panigale v4 2018 - 2022
ducati panigale v4 r 2019 - 2022
ducati panigale v4 s 2018 - 2022
ducati panigale v4 sp 2021 - 2022
ducati superleggera v4 2020 - 2021

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