BODIS QUATTRO Titanium Exhausts for the MV Agusta F4 (04-09)


  • Brand: Bodis
  • Product Code: MF4-002
  • Availability: 4-6 Weeks
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The F4 is just gorgeous, one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever produced.


Due to the beautiful design of the original exhaust, and the high costs involved with making a (somehow) better replacement, the exhaust offerings for this bike are VERY limited and while they may weigh less, or make more power than the original, they never looked as good.


That's were Bodis comes in!

They wisely chose to keep the original style (which is awesome). Then they make it out of think wall, wide diameter Titanium piping.


They also made it a Modular system, so you can replace only what you need or want (you can start with slip- ons and add headers later, etc...), and Bodis even makes the The full system In two different versions The FR (basically the same as if you got all the separate parts) and The FRR. The FRR has larger diameter Pipes giving you The
MOST power anyone can get on these bikes, but you absolutely will need tuning!!!

Note: If you have a 2004 F4, you can only Use the Slip-on, Sorry!



Original Slip Ons - 14.9 pounds

BODIS Slip Ons - 6.6 pounds

Original Cat Delete Pipe - 3.3 pounds

BODIS Cat Delete Pipe - 1.0 pounds

Original Headers - 6.3 pounds

BODIS Headers - 4.2 pounds

Original Full System - 24.4 pounds

BODIS FR Full System - 11.8 pounds

BODIS FRR Full System - 12.5 pounds

Make Model Years
mv agusta f4 1000 2004 - 2009
mv agusta f4 1000r 2006 - 2007
mv agusta f4 1000s 2005 - 2009
mv agusta f4 312r 2007 - 2009
mv agusta f4 312rr 2008 - 2009

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