BODIS QUATTRO FSR Titanium Exhaust Systems for the MV AGUSTA F4 / R / RR / RC / LH44 (10-20)


  • Brand: Bodis
  • Product Code: MF4-013
  • Availability: 2
  • Stock Quantity: 2


Don't like those cheap looking square exhaust tips on your MV Agusta F4? You are NOT alone!


Wish you had a super light weight, power adding, titanium racing system with beautiful slash cut rounded tips instead? GREAT!


Available piece by piece (headers, slip ons, full system), and with, or without a fender eliminator/plate mount kit (in case you like to ride on the street as well as the track). DB Killers are included.



Original Slip On - 18.6 pounds

Bodis Slip On -7.6 pounds

Original Headers - 9.5 pounds

Bodis Headers - 5.1 pounds

Original Full System - 28.1 pounds

Bodis Full System! - 12.8 pounds

That's over 55% lighter than the original!


Make Model Years
mv agusta f4 2010 - 2020
mv agusta f4 r 2010 - 2013
mv agusta f4 rc 2015 - 2020
mv agusta f4 rr 2012 - 2020

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