Supersprox Ducati EDGE Rear Sprocket for Ducati's with the Large Hub Single Sided Swingarm


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Supersprox is about longer life, without compromising weight. Primary goal, to last 3 times longer than an all aluminum sprocket and remain as light as possible and the new EDGE are 15% lighter than the Previous stealth. It’s about performance and function first and last.

Better than steel!
EDGE is infinitely better than steel! You just can’t achieve this level of strength on a steel sprocket with the same weight. Sure, there are light steel sprockets out there, but they can’t handle the torque. Pound (lb) for foot pound (ft/lbs), EDGE is the best.

Better than aluminum sprockets?
OK, this is no contest! Try 20,000 miles on a Hayabusa with an aluminum sprocket or the whole Dakar rally on one sprocket. What about the Baja 1000? How about the 2018 Record braking Pikes Peak Hill Climb? These are extremes and factory teams actually buy Supersprox for these grueling challenges. Don’t waste your money on aluminum, invest in Supersprox.

Will a steel sprocket damage my chain?
This might sound like an unusual question, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there. When you think about bearings for an example. They`re steel on steel and that works great. Steel on steel is the best combination. So when a dealer tells you steel teeth can damage your chain, ask yourself if they only sell aluminum sprockets. We guarantee our sprockets. If they don’t do what we claim, you can have your money back.

Are the rivets strong enough?
There is no doubt, riveting is the only possibility for fixing such a high performance sprocket. We know how to use this technology, forging rivets into the sprockets. We have never had one single rivet break since starting to produce these sprockets. That’s over 5 million rivets in the past 11 years.
Its perfect for any bike up to 1400 cc. Do you have a powerful 4 stroke or performance street bike? Covering high mileage or road racing, then this is your best option. A single sprocket can last more than 20,000 miles (See maintenance instructions). Whatever your bike, if you want peace of mind and the knowledge that you have the best of the best, then choose Supersprox.

Make Model Years
ducati 1098 2007 - 2008
ducati 1098r 2008 - 2009
ducati 1098s 2007 - 2008
ducati 1198 2009 - 2011
ducati 1198r 2010 - 2010
ducati 1198s 2009 - 2010
ducati 1198sp 2011 - 2011
ducati diavel 2011 - 2018
ducati diavel 1260 2019 - 2021
ducati diavel 1260 s 2019 - 2021
ducati diavel amg 2012 - 2012
ducati diavel carbon 2011 - 2018
ducati diavel cromo 2012 - 2013
ducati diavel strada 2013 - 2014
ducati multistrada 1200 2010 - 2017
ducati multistrada 1200 granturismo 2013 - 2014
ducati multistrada 1200 pikes peak 2012 - 2017
ducati multistrada 1200s 2010 - 2017
ducati multistrada 1200s d air 2015 - 2017
ducati multistrada 1200s sport 2011 - 2014
ducati multistrada 1200s touring 2011 - 2012
ducati streetfighter 1098 2010 - 2012
ducati streetfighter 1098s 2010 - 2012

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