AEM FACTORY - Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini Limited Edition Complete Sprocket Carrier Kit with Titanium Nuts and Studs


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AEM FACTORY parts are all designed and made in Italy to the highest standards.  Made with great attention to detail to achieve the best functionality and weight loss on every part, and of course great looks.

Ducati Diavel Lamborghini Limited Edition Complete Sprocket Carrier Kit with Titanium Nuts and Studs - only 63 pieces worldwide!

AEM is making ONLY 63 limited edition complete Rear drive kits for the Diavel Lamborghini!  If you have this bike, then you absolutely NEED this drive train Kit!

Pricing is almost the same as their regular parts if you bought them all together, so this is something truly special!


Pictures (as awesome as they are - we are not THAT good at Photoshop!) are Renderings, the actual colors will be as close as possible to the Beautiful color shifting of the Bike's OE finishes!

Each kit will include:
DUSPR6-525-43 - 525 pitch, 43 tooth Sprocket, same as OEM.
DU041-C - Sprocket carrier with titanium studs and titanium bi-hex M8 nuts - limited edition green (not exactly the same shown)
DU011-T - Titanium rubber cush drive hubs kit (ergal cups in titanium finish) with titanium studs and titanium bi-hex M10 nuts
DU008-C or DU092-C - D-SEI or STAR-6 Hub Flange - limited edition gold (same as green, actual color will be much closer to bike's wheel and frame color)
DU007-TI - Titanium Rear Wheel Axle nut kit

Make Model Years
ducati diavel 1260 2019 - 2022
ducati diavel 1260 s 2019 - 2022

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