AELLA 28 mm Clutch Release Cylinder (Panigale)


  • Brand: AELLA
  • Product Code: AE-38018
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The improvement of the clutch advanced, the clutch of Panimare which became able to operate with less power than the previous model. However, AELLA has developed a dedicated clutch release, taking advantage of the experience that has produced a large number of clutch releases, thinking that it can make something that can feel a higher quality operation feel while reducing the burden more.

We put the alignment ball inside the piston, and further applied Kashima coat (hard lubrication alumite) to the alumite processing of the piston itself. In addition, by providing an oscillating guide, we eliminated unnecessary movement related to piston motion to the limit. In order to lighten the clutch operation, we changed from normal 26 mm to 28 mm with proven performance in Aera.

Please feel not only the lightness of operation but also the high degree of completion of the AERA CLUTCH RELEASE sticking to fine feeling.

Compatible models


  • 1299
  • 1199
  • 959
  • 899

Banjo Bolt: P1.0

Make Model Years
ducati 1199 panigale 2012 - 2014
ducati 1299 panigale 2015 - 2018
ducati 899 panigale 2013 - 2015
ducati 959 panigale 2016 - 2019

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