Ferodo XRAC Sintered Racing Compound Front Brake Pads


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Pads are sold per caliper, so you need to order 2 sets (quantity 2) for both calipers

Be sure to Enter your Year, Make, and Bike Model in the "Additional Notes" block above

Be sure to check your caliper to see if you have two pads or 4 pads per caliper and use the drop down to select your fitment accordingly

Featuring a more Progressive Torque Curve, the XRAC is an evolution of the highly successful XR range that has been in top level racing use for several years. The material has been reformulated to giving much improved bite, overall friction level, wear and persistence of performance. The unique array cooling (AC) concept also means that the pads run at lower temperatures than conventionally featured pads. This serves to keep the brake fluid at a lower temperature, avoids smearing and further prolongs the pad life.

Key features of XRAC are:

  • Increased pad bite
  • Improved resistance to high temperature fade
  • Higher friction coefficient (µ)
  • Decreased pad wear
  • More consistent performance throughout pad life
  • Reduced smearing and material deposition on disc


• Picture is generic, your item might differ in appearance
• Many Ferodo Race Compounds are thicker than OE pads, it is therefore strongly recommended to flush your brake fluid with fresh. This will not only correctly adjust the fluid level in the reservoir, but start you out with the new pads and optimally fresh brake fluid.

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