Ferodo CPro Carbon Race Compound Front Brake Pads


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Pads are sold per caliper, so you need to order 2 sets (quantity 2) for both calipers

Be sure to Enter your Year, Make, and Bike Model in the "Additional Notes" block above

The CPro is only available  to fit the Calipers that use two pads per caliper like the M4, M50, GP4-RX and the Silver line Two piece cast radial calipers found OE on many Ducati and MV models at this time.  If you do not have these on your bike, they wont fit, Please feel free to contact us to confirm Fitment on your motorcycle if you dont know how to check.

Ferodo Racing is pleased to announce the successor to the existing CP1 race compound with the all-new C-Pro.
The result of an extensive development program looking to build on the success with a Carbon/ceramic formulation that exceeds the existing parameters of its predecessor in every category.

In comparison to the CP1, the new C-Pro organic race pads feature:
• Substantially higher peak coefficient of friction for greater overall stopping power
• Higher average coefficient of friction across the entire thermal range
• Much improved wear characteristics translating into longer life
• Higher thermal threshold to resist fade in the harshest conditions
• Stronger, but not overpowering initial bite
• Excellent feel and feedback at the lever
• Brilliant overall performance on both iron and stainless steel rotors


• Picture is generic, your item might differ in appearance

• ALL ORGANIC Race Compounds must be bed-in on clean rotors to perform properly and to their potential. Not doing so will result in poor performance, glazed pads, over-heating, etc. Pls see the section on prepping brake rotors.

• Many Ferodo Race Compounds are thicker than OE pads, it is therefore strongly recommended to flush your brake fluid with fresh. This will not only correctly adjust the fluid level in the reservoir, but start you out with the new pads and optimally fresh brake fluid.

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