Ferodo CP1 Carbon Race Compound Front Brake Pads


  • Brand: Ferodo
  • Product Code: FDBxxxxCP1
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Pads are sold per caliper, so you need to order 2 sets (quantity 2) for both calipers

Be sure to Enter your Year, Make, and Bike Model in the "Additional Notes" block above

Be sure to check your caliper to see if you have two pads or 4 pads per caliper and use the drop down to select your fitment accordingly

  •  New Organic racing material to supercede CP2.11 over time
  • CP211 well-liked for performance, but suffered somewhat in wear
  • CP1 similar, but with more stable friction performance compared to CP211
  •  Life on average 50% better (in above test, wore 0.29mm compared with 0.51mm for CP211)

Ferodo's racing materials have had more wins over the past 50 years than any manufacturer in the world. From the demands of the Isle of Man TT to the circuits of the World Superbike, our organic racing range has provided the performance and modulation required by the world's best riders. Developed from Ferodo's extensive racing history, unrivalled by any of our competitors

  • Highest friction level available for motorcycle racing
  • Developed by world champions for future world champions
  • Stable friction level achieving excellent modulation
  • Fast bedding-in period
  • Applications to fit all major racing calipers
  • Suitable for stainless steel and cast iron discs


• Picture is generic, your item might differ in appearance

• ALL ORGANIC Race Compounds must be bed-in on clean rotors to perform properly and to their potential. Not doing so will result in poor performance, glazed pads, over-heating, etc. Pls see the section on prepping brake rotors.

• Many Ferodo Race Compounds are thicker than OE pads, it is therefore strongly recommended to flush your brake fluid with fresh. This will not only correctly adjust the fluid level in the reservoir, but start you out with the new pads and optimally fresh brake fluid.

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