Paolo Tex Design MS4R Bodykits for Ducati Monster's (02-08)


Paolo Tex Design Bodykits are HERE!


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NOTE: Important Fitment notes at bottom at the page!!

Paolo "Tex" Tesio has turned dream to reality, and is allowing us to share his dream with riders everywhere. His first kit, the "Naked" version, is happily installed on his personal (and totally kick-ass) Monster S4R, shown here with Paolo:

I for one consider us all lucky that Paolo not only shared his awesome creation with us, but that he actually went through the work to make it possible for us to use his designs to create our own masterpieces!

Usually the general public would never have an opportunity like this, and to say that these kit's will be produced in small numbers is an understatement!

I'd be amazed if there will ever be more than 50 of these kits imported to the USA, so don't delay - order now.
Choose your individual components to create your own kit! Mounting kits are included when Required - Full kit options DO NOT include seat pad


Please note - You may be too busy, not want to, or are simply incapable of building your bike into your dream bike without help from the experts. 



  • We could make it exceptionally lightweight.
  • With amazing performance and handling.
  • It doesn't even have to cost all that much!
  • We could satisfy your inner nerd by making the DUCATRON concept rendering into a reality. -  We can even work with Lumilor paints, to make those lines actually light up at your control!
  • Every detail would be carefully considered - you can expect to be impressed!
Additional Notes:

  • Bodywork is delivered as unpainted fiberglass or Raw Carbon Fiber, paint or wrap is your responsibility!
  • Designed around the 03-06 Ducati Monster S4R, But Will Fit other Models with modifications to the bike /parts.
  • If fitting the Belly Pan MR7 or Side Panels MR5 to the S4RS/ S4RT, you will have to Modify (cut) them to fit the larger oil cooler.
  • To fit the Side Panels MR5, you will need to source a set of Frame sliders and then cut down the mounts (we have had the best luck with Speedymoto for this)
  • To install the Tail Fairing MR1, frame modification is required and you must sacrifice the seat
  • There is no plate mount kit- you have to make something work
  • To fit Belly Pan MR7, you will need to make your own mounting brackets
  • Fork covers do include mounting brackets, but you will have to use a smaller 5.75" headlight, along with the BK3 mounting bracket to hold your gauges, number plate, etc...
  • We do have Some great LED headlight options from Motodemic, both their Standard LED and their Awesome Adaptive LED, but the mounting kits need to be modified to get them to work
  • If your Bike has a Cable driven Speedo (like the Monster S4) you may have to replace it with an aftermarket Digital Gauge unit, like the Avia Compositi EVO 2, the Applicable harness, and Mount Plate or the Motogadget MOTOSCOPE PRO to keep things from Hitting/Binding up
  • In order to keep costs, and shipping to a minimum, a minimum 25% restocking fee will be applied to any returned Paolo Tex Products or canceled Paolo Tex Orders.
  • We have Two Pre-cut Foam Seat pad options, the first is a 15mm Pad, unheated and un-formed. The second is provided to us by Paolo himself, its 10mm thick, Features chamfered Sides and the TEX logo (option TEX Seat pad -MRNP)
Make Model Years
ducati monster 1000 2003 - 2005
ducati monster 600 2001 - 2001
ducati monster 620 2002 - 2005
ducati monster 695 2008 - 2008
ducati monster 750 2001 - 2001
ducati monster 800 2003 - 2005
ducati monster 900 2002 - 2002
ducati monster s2r 1000 2006 - 2008
ducati monster s2r 800 2005 - 2007
ducati monster s4 2001 - 2003
ducati monster s4r 2004 - 2006
ducati monster s4rs 2006 - 2008
ducati monster s4rt 2007 - 2008

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