MWR Performance Air Filter and Power Up Kit for Ducati Hypermotard / Hyperstrada 821 / 939 / 950 / SP


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  • Product Code: MC-020-13
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NOTE: The Power up kit does NOT fit the Hypermotard 950 - Airfilter only

NOTE: You need both the Air Filter and the Power Up Kit for Maximum power.  So purchase them together because purchasing Just the Airfilter or just the Power Up Kit will only give you that item, not both

This MWR Air Filter replaces the original filter element with our high flow performance material that is able to be washed, and re-oiled up to 25 times before a replacement is needed.


Thirsty for more power? Your bike sure is!


Simply add the MWR Power Up Kit and let your engine breathe through an additional opening in the airbox, rather than only through the rather small original opening of no more than 3 square inches.


With dyno proven power gains of 8HP, and 5 ft lbs of torque for the filter and power kit combo, this is a serious improvement!


Requires cutting the airbox to mount the power up kit - do not worry, it is easy and rather straightforward. Mounting hardware is included.

Make Model Years
ducati hypermotard 821 2013 - 2015
ducati hypermotard 821sp 2013 - 2015
ducati hypermotard 939 2016 - 2018
ducati hypermotard 939sp 2016 - 2018
ducati hypermotard 950 2019 - 2021
ducati hypermotard 950 sp 2019 - 2021
ducati hyperstrada 821 2013 - 2015
ducati hyperstrada 939 2016 - 2016

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