MWR Air Filter for the Ducati Monster 1200/821 and Supersport


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  • Product Code: MC-020-14
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The MWR Performance Air Filter for your Ducati Monster 821 / 1200 and new Supersport has a larger diameter than the stock filter, offering a 40% increase in filter size, to flow more air into your engine, faster.


Our design also eliminates the silly plastic oem filter mount which allows for a less obstructed entry to the filter as well.

The race Version has a more Flowing Filter material meant for use on the race track as it requires more frequent cleaning and Fueling Control

Make Model Years
ducati monster 1200 2014 - 2020
ducati monster 1200r 2016 - 2020
ducati monster 1200s 2014 - 2020
ducati monster 821 2015 - 2020
ducati supersport 2017 - 2020
ducati supersport s 2017 - 2020

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