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This is the SEMI-CUSTOM DESIGN Race Suit by Mithos.  SEMI-CUSTOM means you choose from one of the 6 preset designs below.  You can also choose the colors of the pre-set design.  NO additional logos, name patches, race numbers, etc., are permitted on the semi-custom suits.

You work directly with our design team to create the perfect look using any of our leather colors. Then, based on 30 body measurements, Mithos will deliver the best fitting, best looking and, arguably, the safest motorcycle suit in the industry. 

There are many design parameters and options to choose from to include:

DESIGN:  full custom, semi-custom, or semi-custom plus

MATERIAL:  cowhide or kangaroo leather

COLOR:  choose from any of the color swatches provided

FIT:  racing or comfort fit

PERFORATION: full, medium, minimal, or none

BOOT FITMENT:  suit in the boots, suit over the inner boots, or suit over the boots

HYDRATION:  you can add a hydration hole in the hump (not compatible with Tech-Air 10)

ARMOR:  SAS-TEC or Paramount Armor




The design team will contact you to get any sponsor logos or graphics that you would like to be on your suit - ideally in Vector format . We already have many standard logos, i.e. tires, oil, helmets, etc. In the event we do not have a standard logo you have requested, we will attempt to get it or it may be necessary for you to provide it.

When all of logos and design cues have been received, you should expect a minimum of 5 working days for initial designs.

Three revisions are free, each additional revision will be a $30 charge.

Once the design is finalized, you will receive a proof page to sign off on. As soon as the design is approved, the measurements are confirmed and the deposit is paid, your suit will go into production.



  • FULL CUSTOM - you work directly with our design team to create the perfect look using any of our leather colors, adding logos, nicknames, race numbers, etc.
  • SEMI-CUSTOM - you choose from a preset design, and choose your colors for each zone
  • SEMI-CUSTOM PLUS - you choose from a preset design, and choose your colors for each zone, but you can add logos, nicknames, race numbers, etc.


  • Kangaroo - lighter and more pliable than cowhide
  • Cowhide

COLOR:  Choose from color chart


  • RACING  (more pre-curved for an anatomically correct riding position when on the bike)


  • FULL
  • NONE


  • Suit in Boots
  • Suit over inner Boots (if this option is chosen we need to know what brand of boots)
  • Suit over the Boots


  • YES (not compatible with Tech Air 10)
  • NO


Mithos offers two options for armor, our Standard SAS-TEC and Paramount Protectors. Both go beyond the CE Level 2 standards by offering 50% more protection area. And both are made from SAS-TEC viscoelastic foam which means the armor is comfortable when it needs to be and protective when it has to be - soft and pliable when riding then hard and impact absorbing during an crash. 

And for those racing competitively or opting for another level of protection, we offer optional Paramount Protectors, with key advantages:

  • Smart Shape - Perfect anatomical design that flexes without distortion

  • More Absorption - over 6 times more shock absorption than CE Level 2

  • Lighter weight yet larger - Designed with greater protective surface area without adding weight

  • Higher operational temperature - Standard SAS-TEC compromises some performance in temps greater than 75F. Paramount maintains its effectiveness up to 104 degrees

  • Ventilated - to improve comfort and airflow

Advanced Safety Features

  • Double layered impact areas (buttock and forearms)

  • Double stitched construction

  • Unique honeycomb construction on all exterior armor

  • Premium Cowhide and Kangaroo

CHEST PROTECTOR:  optional chest protector available (not compatible with Tech 10)


  • None
  • TA5 - suit is sized to account for the additional room needed to wear the stand alone Tech-Air 5 system
  • TA RACE - suit has all the wiring, extra zippers and attachment points pre-installed to integrate the Tech-Air RACE system
  • TA 10 - suit is sized to account for the additional room needed to wear the stand alone Tech-Air 10 System
  • TA 10 + TA RACE - has all the features needed to incorporate Tech-Air RACE and/or Tech-Air 10 


TECH-AIR 5 System

Tech-Air® 5 is a slim, self-contained wearable airbag vest that can be worn under any proper fitting textile jacket or Tech-Air® compatible jacket, or any leather jacket with 4 cm of space around the circumference of the rider’s chest. Tech-Air® 5 offers unrivaled upper body protection keeping motorcycle riders safe by uniquely covering the rider's shoulders, chest, ribs and full back. Shoulder protection is critical in a road impact, and riders’ shoulders are uniquely protected by Tech-Air®, effectively and efficiently minimizing the risk of the rider sustaining shoulder and collarbone injuries. 


The result of over a decade of development in MotoGP and following on from Alpinestars’ first-generation racing airbag system and the launch of the ground-breaking Tech-Air® Street, this latest version of Alpinestars Tech-Air® technology brings full upper body protection to serious track day and performance riders. The Tech-Air® Race is completely self-contained, meaning there are no bike-to-rider set-up configurations required, which ensures the ultimate in convenience, freedom and versatility. When fully inflated, the system’s airbag offers critical protection to the back, kidneys, chest and shoulders. Plus, with a simple upgrade the versatile system firmware, the Race system can be configured to run the Tech-Air® Street setting for non-race use in road and off-road situations. The Tech-Air®Race vest must be used in a Tech-Air®Compatible garment.


Tech-Air® 10 is the latest innovative autonomous airbag to join the Alpinestars’ Tech-Air® family, which includes the Tech-Air® Race, Tech-Air® Street and Tech-Air® 5 electronic Airbag Systems. Derived from Alpinestars’ airbag technology adopted by MotoGP riders, Tech-Air® 10 is a slim, self-contained wearable Airbag System that provides unrivaled body protection to racers, track day riders and road riders by covering the rider's shoulders, chest, full back and hips.

 Tech-Air® 10 can be worn under any Alpinestars Tech-Air® Ready or Tech-Air® Compatible leather suits, or any third-party leather suit with 4 cm of space around the circumference of the rider’s chest and 2 cm of room around the circumference of the rider’s hips. The additional space for the chest and hips is necessary to be able to accommodate the inflation of the airbag, in the event of a crash.

11-Week Guaranteed Delivery

We guarantee your suit will be delivered within 11 weeks.

If it’s not delivered within 11 weeks of final sign-off on design, measurements and payment of deposit, you will receive $100 off the price of the suit. If the suit takes longer than 12 weeks, you will get an additional $100 off.

NOTE:  The 11 Week guaranteed delivery program has been suspended until further notice due to world events outside Mithos control.  Target delivery is 14 weeks, give or take, as of May 2022. 

Two-Year Warranty

We stand behind our suits with a Two-Year warranty against any manufacturer defects on NON-CRASHED suits. If you have any issues, contact us and we will work out getting the suit repaired.

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