GPR V5D Stabilizer for all Husqvarna TC / FC Models (2016+)


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The GPR V5D is the fourth generation steering damper designed for dirt bikes and adventure bikes, but is also used on a couple of hybrid applications. Its compact and slim design allows for the damper to be mounted below the handlebars, out of harm's way, without raising the bars more than an inch. Frame mounts are machined steel with stainless steel pin, and billet aluminum machined bar-mounts. Choose the GPR Pro Kit option and you'll get a black anodized machined top-clamp.

This design has caught the attention of Motocross / Supercross and Supermoto teams for its ability to be mounted below the bars and make virtually no change to the riders position. Easy to adjust but also tucked out of the way.

Offering 2 Different Kits with an under-bar mount systems by our competitors "standard" steering damper has the problem of raising your bar height as much as 2+ inches. This dirtbike steering damper is made for mounting under the bars. This was achieved by keeping the damper as slim as possible and the creation of a "hollow" vane. The hollow vane allows for the damper to be mounted almost flush to the top clamp.

V5D Fat Bar kit - A Sub mount kit, mounts below the handlebars. Uses the low-profile GPR V5D dirt bike stabilizer in a cradle-style handlebar mount and bolts to the stock triple clamp. Raises the bar height from ½" -  ¾" depending on make and model bike. These kits include the GPR V5D dirt bike damper, handlebar mount, frame bracket and all mounting hardware.

V5D Pro Kit - Lowest profile damper set-up on the market. A Sub-mount kit, mounts below the handlebars. Using the GPR V5D dirt bike stabilizer, mounts the unit directly to the GPR triple clamp. Which allows the use of independent bar mounts with a forward and back bar position, 4 total Bar Mount position options. Mounting the unit flush on the triple clamp very closely resembles the stock bar height, with a rise of .100" - .250" on average. These kits include the GPR V5D Dirt Bike Stabilizer, the GPR upper billet triple clamp w/ bar mount, frame bracket and all the mounting hardware. The GPR V5 Pro Kit bar mounts are rubber mounted.  Because the V5D unit is mounted directly to the triple clamp the rubber absorption doesn't interfere with the function of the stabilizer while adding a level of comfort for the rider.

V5D Pro RBM Kit - Identical to the standard Pro Kit, but adds a Rubber mount - the rubber absorption doesn’t interfere with the function of the stabilizer while adding a level of Extra Comfort for the rider.

You'll find this design on the Motocross / Supercross team of Star Yamaha, Broc Tickle, Factory Kawasaki's Off-Road team, Destry Abbott, Ricky Dietrich, The Yamaha's of Russ Pearson. The KTM's of Shane Watts, Robbie Jenks and Mike Lafferty, just to name a few (this list could go on for entire pages if we wanted to type it).

Weight - 391g
Width - 75mm
Length - 87mm
Height - 27mm
Colors - Black, Gold, Blue, Red & Orange
Materials - 6061 T6 Aluminum & Steel

Make Model Years
husqvarna fc 250 2016 - 2021
husqvarna fc 350 2016 - 2021
husqvarna fc 450 2016 - 2021
husqvarna fc 450 Rockstar Edition 2016 - 2021
husqvarna tc 125 2016 - 2021
husqvarna tc 250 2016 - 2021
husqvarna tc 50 2016 - 2021
husqvarna tc 65 2016 - 2021
husqvarna tc 85 2016 - 2021

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