Barracuda X-LED B-LUX Turn signals


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  • Product Code: N1001/BX
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X-LED represents the top range E-marked led indicators offered from BARRACUDA. They are part of the ALUMINUM LUXURY PROJECT called B-LUX.

They are characterized by special and refined features and elegant finishing with new futuristic design, made in small size.

X-LED are offered in five different anodized colors: BLACK, RED, SILVER, GOLD and BLUE.

They are sold in pairs.

10 Watt (res10)  or 21 Watt (res21) Load Resistors are available separately and might be needed.
Model specific Cable adapters are also available (so you dont have to splice)
HN-ADATT - Honda
YN-ADATT - Yamaha
SN-ADATT -Suzuki
MV-ADATT -MV Agust, KTmM, & Ducati's with White Square Plug
DN-ADATT -Ducati with Black Plug
N1111- Extension cable

Designed by Barracuda in Italy

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