Galespeed VRC Hydraulic Clutch Master Cylinder with Folding Lever


  • Brand: Galespeed
  • Product Code: VRC16-17CS
  • Availability: 1
  • Stock Quantity: 1

Fully designed & developed in Japan, the VRC Variable lever Ratio Control gives you wider lever ratio adjust range (0.25mm per click, 8 clicks/max. 2mm adjust range), and helps you to find the most suitable brake feeling without being affected by different clutch Slaves

  • Piston diameter 16 or 17mm
  • Radial cylinder
  • 8 position adjustable reach, 16-18mm
  • Forged aluminum body
  • Foldable Shorty lever (long lever Available below)
  • Optional clutch switchBetter clutch performance

For a great Matching Integrated reservoir, check out Motocorse Reservoirs for Brembo Racing and Galespeed Master Cylinders!

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