Beringer Aerotec Cable Clutch Perch


  • Brand: Beringer Brakes
  • Product Code: CC-x
  • Availability: 4-6 Weeks
  • Stock Quantity: 0

Beringer's Radial AEROTEC Master cylinders Offer Race Level Performance, Weight savings, and Strength / Durability, while allowing you the freedom to order a system that is specifically engineered to meet your demands, be it with a certain lever type or length, the use of an integrated or separate Reservoir and your choice of 12 Finishes!
They feature a unique piston actuation via a rocker arm-mounted ball bearing which virtually eliminates all side loads on the piston seals, allowing for smoother action and more stroke with leads to greatly enhanced modulation and power control!

Mirror Mounting clamp(s) and Electrical Switch (for clutch saftey) are available separately below

Lever types - Lever 4 and 5 are large enough to clear the Electrical Units on Road bikes, Levers 2 and 3 will not are for racing and off road use only:


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