AELLA Aluminum Variable Handlebars for the Ducati Xdiavel


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The XDiavel steering wheel is too far forwards, and it is not a comfortable position for most riders.

SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE THE COMFORT OF YOUR XDIAVEL, reduce the strain on your shoulders, and make riding feel natural, with forward controls or mid-mounted rearsets.

The variable handle of AELLA optimizes the position according to the standard height of Japanese. With our unique variable mechanism, we can fine-tune the optimal position for each person, making it easier to dramatically control handling in urban areas and U turns.

Material: Aluminum


  • Aperture angle 7 ° / width 830 mm / pull 52 mm front (height 2.5 mm UP)
  • Aperture angle 9 ° / width 825 mm / draw 51.5 mm Ahead (height 13.5 mm UP)
  • Aperture angle 11 / width 820 mm / Pull 50.5 mm front (height 24 mm UP)
  • Completely designed 3 Handle position variable / Switch box positioning hole drilled processed / Cable and hose replacement unnecessary
Compliant model

  • Ducati XDiavel , XDiavel S

By replacing the handle, And when there is a change of ± 20 mm or more, it may be necessary to report the change of structure at the time of vehicle inspection.

AELLA handlebar end slider AE-68302 is compatible.

Make Model Years
ducati xdiavel 2016 - 2024
ducati xdiavel s 2016 - 2024

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