Microtec M226 ECU for the MV Agusta F4 and Brutale Models up to 2009


  • Brand: Microtec
  • Product Code: M226-MV
  • Availability: 4-6 Weeks
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This ECU is a complete replacement solution for the original Ducati Desmo16 RR engine control unit. It implements all the functions and security strategies given by the original one, and is supplied with the original maps and custom maps which are completely configurable. Heart of the ECU is the MPC5534 Power PC from Freescale, and with the 80Mhz system clock guarantee high calculation performances. Complete management of ignition / injection parameters, and the automapping feature, available after purchase of a suitable lambda sensor, are the keys for maximum flexibility and performance.

On-board CAN and RS232 lines, provide a simple and standard way to connect the ECU to a data logger system or a common PC A 3D Windows application, purposely developed for this unit, is designed for customize and monitor all the system parameters and the external sensors data. The red box is fully anodized in aluminum material, and is simple and immediate to install into the original housing.

Major Features:

Individual cylinder injection mapping via 20 throttle settings and each 500 RPM Dual maps switchable on the fly Optional auto mapping with 3 A/F ratios per cylinder Ignition mapping

Adjustable rev limiter (spark and fuel)

Adj. shift lights

Adj. electronic shift (per gear) time outs, delay ect..

Pit lane speed limiter Launch control

Adj. pre-injection

Tire circumference settings (front and rear)

Pre-injection time Water temp correction (spark and fuel)

Air temp correction (spark and fuel)

Altitude correction (spark and fuel)

Injection phase TPS interpolation Diagnostics recording with re-set Password protection

Comes with USB cable and full software CD Mechanical data:

Dimensions (BOX only) 128 x 95 x 22 BOX material Red anodized aluminum Main Connectors 2 x 64 ways AMP AUX Connector 12 vie AMP 040-174973 Weight 300g Inputs Analogic 10 Digital 10 Lambda sensor 1 Pick-up inductive / hall 1 + 1 Battery level 1 Wheel speed 2 Lambda sensor 2 (UEGO via CAN BUS) Outputs Injector Drivers 4 Coil Drivers 4 Fuel Pump 1 Fan 1 RPM 1 Warning Lamp 1 Light 1 Options Electronic shift Data acquisition Auto-mapping lambda sensor Communication CAN Line (1Mbit/s) 1 RS232 Line 1 Electrical Data Power Supply 8 - 18Vdc Temperature Range -20 / +85°C Software Windows application MON226, with 3D maps viewer

Make Model Years
mv agusta brutale 1078 2008 - 2009
mv agusta brutale 1078 rr 2008 - 2009
mv agusta brutale 910 2005 - 2010
mv agusta brutale 910r 2005 - 2010
mv agusta brutale 910s 2005 - 2010
mv agusta f4 1000 2004 - 2009
mv agusta f4 1000r 2006 - 2007
mv agusta f4 1000s 2005 - 2009
mv agusta f4 312r 2007 - 2009
mv agusta f4 312rr 2008 - 2009
mv agusta f4 750 2001 - 2003

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