CA Cycleworks Monster Track Tank for Ducati Monster 1000, 900, 800, 750, 620, S4, S4R


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Enthusiasts love the Ducati Monster for it's simple elegance, the great number of accessories available, and passionate rider community. California Cycleworks developed the Monster Track Tank to provide an alternative appearance with improved ergonomics. Using the same material as off road "Baja" tanks also makes the MTT43 a price conscious replacement for expensive OEM fuel tanks.

The MTT43 has a sportbike shape with modern styling, similar to the Supersport and Streetfighter Ducati models which is a welcomed and familiar look for riders wanting to modify or upgrade their Monster's appearance. The improved ergonomics allow the everyday rider to comfortably hang off in corners, while at the same time offering racers and track riders the much improved ability to push the Monster's limits and provide a better overall track experience.

The underside of the fuel tank is designed to work on Monsters with or without airbox modifications. While the top of the MTT43 tank is the same height as the original Monster fuel tank, its leveled surface is comfortable to lay on for reduced rider wind drag at high speeds. The MTT43 is also designed with a slimmer profile than the original tank, allowing more room between the fuel tank and the rider's hands. Each fuel tank has a unique serial number and is covered by the California Cycleworks Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

In depth:
MTT43 Fuel Tank Specifications:

IMPORTANT NOTE: on Monsters that are NOT fuel injected, this will work, but you will need to upgrade your monster to fuel injection and source the Fuel Pump from the FI Models

Exact Fitment: all Monsters with metal fuel tanks; 2003-2006 Monster S4R, 2001-2003 Monster S4, 2003-2005 Monster 1000, 1994-2002 Monster 900, 2002-2004 Monster 800, 1997-2002 Monster 750, 2002-2004 Monster 620, 1993-2001 Monster 600
Available colors: Red, Black, White (special order) and Natural (special order, you can see the fuel level)
Usable capacity: 3.9 US gallons (14.8 liters), allowing for 150 miles between fueling. Total cap. 4.3 gal.
Uses OEM fuel filler cap.
37% lighter weight than the Ducati OEM tank (MTT43: 8.9lbs, OEM: 14.25lbs -- weights are approximated)
Lifetime replacement warranty (limited to the tank itself), including damage resulting from improper installation.
Constructed with PEX (cross-linked polyethylene), considered by the plastics industry as the choice material for rotationally molded fuel cells.
PEX is dimensionally stable, so the fuel tank will retain its original shape without warping or distortion.
The PEX used in our fuel tanks is uniformly compounded to ensure consistent cross-linking (best of industry practice).
Meets NHSTA and DOT standards governing fuel cell fill rates
Tank exterior is an unpaintable raw finish with minor imperfections and texturing, similar to off-road "Baja" style fuel tanks.

Make Model Years
ducati monster 1000 2003 - 2005
ducati monster 620 2002 - 2004
ducati monster 750 2002 - 2002
ducati monster 800 2002 - 2004
ducati monster 900 2000 - 2002
ducati monster s4 2001 - 2003
ducati monster s4r 2004 - 2006

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