CA Cycleworks 5 gallon (18.9L) Fuel Tank for Ducati MH900e


  • Brand: CA Cycleworks
  • Product Code: MH51B
  • Availability: 1-2 Weeks
  • Stock Quantity: 0

Tired of only being able to ride your bike 90 miles with the original 2.2 gallon tank? With this fuel tank kit, you can ride 150 miles before the fuel warning light illuminates! The kit includes a 5 gallon MH900e endurance fuel tank, replacement air filters, new o-rings, hose clamps, metal fuel fittings and a full color eight page installation handbook.

The MH900e fuel tank kit has another option popular with enthusiasts which sacrifices a little fuel capacity to mount a standard Ducati Yuasa YT12B-BS battery behind the headstock of the motorcycle, hiding the unsightly battery boxes. Known as the MH900e "Battery Tank Kit," this model brings the appearance of the MH900e closer to the stunning original design by Pierre Terblanche. Both variants of the MH900e Fuel Tank Kit retail for $899, and have a lifetime warranty. Neither kits require permanent alterations to the MH900e.

Made with cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), considered by the plastics industry the choice material for rotationally molded fuel cells.
The tank's polyethylene is uniformly compounded via a custom process to ensure consistent cross-linking (best of industry practice).
Each tank has a unique serial number.
Meets NHSTA and DOT rules covering filling rates
All parts are Made in USA by manufacturers in Southern California, eliminating availability problems.

Make Model Years
ducati mh900e 2002 - 2002

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