HP CORSE Hydroform Short R Slip On For Ducati XDiavel


  • Brand: HP Corse
  • Product Code: XDUHY20P04S-AAB
  • Availability: 2-3 Weeks
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HP Corse Hydroform Short Racing Slip On for the Ducati XDiavel

The material is smoothly molded, all resistance is overcome, and the excitement takes shape.

The HYDROFORM SHORT R is the natural progression and extreme limit of design and engineering capabilities for the Hydroform canister.

Hydroforming is an incredibly sophisticated technology that utilizes highly pressurized fluid to form metal by injecting it into a blank tube, encased in two die-halves, causing it to expand into the shape of the die mold. That is how we managed to get a variable form that is seamless, with an incredible volume.

With a record lightweight muffler design, incredibly low thickness, and extreme mechanical rigidity, the end result is a sinuous, uniquely exciting product, that provides a seamless flow of exhaust gases.

The exhausts from the HYDROFORM line are born to equip the most beautiful, naked, sport and hyper-sport motorbikes existing in the market.

With HYDROFORM SHORT R pipes, your bike's sound and power will never be the same again.

Available in your choice of two finishes: Satin or Black.

Technical information:


  • Removable DB Killers

  • Replaces the OE cat

  • Handmade Tig Welding

  • End Cap with Mesh

  • Laser etched HP Corse Logo

  • Available in Satin or Black finishes

  • Power + 4.26CV at 9200rpm

  • Torque + 1.5kg-m at 5300 rpm

      Make Model Years
      ducati diavel 1260 2019 - 2020
      ducati diavel 1260 s 2019 - 2020

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