Nichols Lightweight Flywheel for Carbureted 1990-1998 Ducati's


  • Brand: Nichols Sport Bikes
  • Product Code: NFLYCARB90_98
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Nichols Manufacturing was the first to develop and manufacture aluminum flywheels for Ducatis. In order to cover the entire Ducati line, we are the only manufacturer who makes six types of flywheels.

Decrease rotating mass and you will increase performance. This also reduces the gyroscopic effect of the components, which means your motorcycle will move from side to side with less effort.

Your stock flywheel weighs more than 4 pounds. Our flywheels weigh 9 to 16 ounces(!) depending on the application. They are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and use steel inserts to trigger the timing sensors. The assemblies are balanced. These flywheels will free up existing horsepower and torque, and increase engine braking.


Throttle response will be significantly quicker with this flywheel. Be smooth with your throttle application.
Make Model Years
ducati monster 600 1994 - 1998
ducati monster 750 1996 - 1998
ducati monster 900 1993 - 1998
ducati supermono 1993 - 1995
ducati supersport 600 1989 - 1998
ducati supersport 900 1988 - 1998

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