Motocorse Billet Aluminum Alternator Crankcase Cover for the Ducati Panigale V4 (all)


  • Brand: Motocorse
  • Product Code: 102110050
  • Availability: 1-2 Weeks
  • Stock Quantity: 0

A beautiful cover for a Beautiful Panigale V4!!

Made from Billet Aluminum alloy and constructed through the use of CNC machines.
The finish is obtained by anodic oxidation for the Aluminum and Polishing for the Titanium

This special piece is perfectly interchangeable with the original one.

Twelve Machined Titanium screws are included in the kit.

Make Model Years
ducati panigale v4 2018 - 2024
ducati panigale v4 r 2019 - 2021
ducati panigale v4 r 2023 - 2024
ducati panigale v4 s 2018 - 2024
ducati panigale v4 sp 2021 - 2024
ducati superleggera v4 2020 - 2021

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