SkutrNet Servo Buddy Type 3 Exhaust Servo Motor Eliminator for Ducati Models


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The Servo Buddy is THE solution to the common problem of what to do about the factory exhaust valve and servo motor system. Completely eliminating the motor, valve, cables, etc. not only drops weight and frees up valuable space, but utilizing the Servo Buddy improves reliability by eliminating the common issue of the factory servo motor gears stripping out, or the motor burning up. The Servo Buddy is a must-have when switching to an aftermarket exhaust, and even works great with the factory system.


The Servo Buddy by SkutrNet eliminates the hassle associated with removing the exhaust servo motor simplifying the process of installing an aftermarket exhaust. The Servo Buddy works by mimicking the servo motor so the computer thinks all is well with the exhaust circuit preventing the FI light from coming on due to exhaust faults while still keeping its functionality to warn you if anything else is wrong with the bike! Simply disconnecting the FI light or putting tape over it could mask potentially serious problems and lead to a damaged engine.

SkutrNet's Servo Buddy is made to meet military or automotive standards ensuring it will work from the street to the racetrack and everywhere in between. The Servo Buddy uses OEM connectors to easily connect to your bike and weighs less than an ounce! The servo buddy allows you to remove the bulky servo motor eliminating unnecessary weight.

Make Model Years
ducati 959 panigale 2016 - 2019
ducati hypermotard 939 2016 - 2018
ducati hypermotard 939sp 2016 - 2018
ducati hyperstrada 939 2016 - 2016

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