Motogadget Ignition Signal Sensor (For HT Cable)


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  • Product Code: MG900001
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Ignition signal transmittor, especially developed for CDI ignitions (capacitor discharge ignitions) and magneto ignitions. It features a direct and contactless signal collection from the (high tension) ignition cable. That means it is suitable for all types of ignitions.

In case of a bike with CDI (Capacitor discharge ignition) oder other ignitions with difficult signals to sens this is an appropriate option to operate the rev-counter at our instruments. In case of regular transistorized ignition with negativ signal (98% of regular street bikes have transistorized ignitions) this sensor is NOT necessary. The sensor is installed directly at the high-tension ignition cable with cable ties.

Size of the signal collector is approx. 25 mm x 25 mm,
cable length is approx. 100 cm.

Scope of supply: Ignition signal transmittor, 2 cable ties, installation manual

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