Ognibene "Silent" Series Chromoly Steel Front Sprockets For Road Bikes


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These only come in the OE Tooth count for your bike

Ognibene "SILENT" Sprockets are the latest innovation from Ognibene's research and development department. The rubber profile applied on both sides guarantees noise reduction, which is at least 2 db more than conventional kits, thereby extending transmission life. Front and rear sprockets in this product range are made exclusively of C45 steel and Chrome / Molybdenum.

All Ognibene sprockets undergo strict quality control measures to meet the construction specification of motorcycle manufacturers and the demands of motorcycle enthusiasts.- Made in Italy!

Pitch refers to the Thickness of your Sprocket.  The Short hand is the larger the displacement, the larger the Pitch.  530 is the Largest, 525 is next, and then 520.  Many smaller Bikes come with 520 pitch sprockets already, but they will be Heavy Cast pieces, not the Nice ones these are. For most European bikes, OE Pitch is 525, and Japanese bikes are 530 Pitch.  Please consult your bikes specifications or www.gearingcommander.com to know for sure.

Tooth Count:
When Ordering, Keep in mind that whatever tooth count sprocket your bike comes with, There will usually only be One Size Down for your bike, So if your OE is 15 tooth, then 14 tooth is the other option for you. There is Occasionally one tooth higher, But its not common, so Feel free to contact us to make sure before ordering. Don't forget to consult your bikes specifications or www.gearingcommander.com to know for sure.

Every Sprocket and chain we sell is stronger than what came on your bike OE, and can handle whatever power you through at it.  We have Personally used these sprockets in 520 pitch (the thinnest) on 200HP Motorcycles with no issues, so Buy with confidence!
Pictured Sprocket is just one model shown,  Yours may vary in appearance a little.

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