Titanium Superleggera Chain from Billet Performance Products



Billet Performance Products new Superleggera Chain is the most technologically advanced chain ever produced.

It is the lightest 520 chain on the market at 2.75 lbs per 100 links and also the strongest at 9601 lbs tensile strength.

Our new patent pending grease port technology is the first of it’s kind. The grease port not only removes unneeded  weight from the pins but also allows you to grease the pin and bushing with any grease gun. This is all possible due to using one of the strongest most ductile steels ever produced.

Our pins and bushing are coated using a revolutionary new nickel boron coating that reduces friction similar to teflon and that is also very hard and abrasion resistant. This combined with a non oring chain makes our chain one if not the most friction-less longest lasting chains on the market.

All of our chains are made from ultra high quality aerospace grade steels and all components are cnc machined from solid bar stock for the highest quality of product. No stamping or punching.

Weight per 100 Links:

415Pitch Coming Soon :)

520 Pitch 100 Links: 2.75lbs  9601lb tensile strength
525 Pitch 100 Links: 3.05lbs   9601lb tensile strength
530 Pitch 100 Links: 3.5lbs  11,850lb tensile strength


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