Motocorse Titanium Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards for the Ducati Panigale / Streetfighter V4 / S / R / Speciale


  • Brand: Motocorse
  • Product Code: 102195120
  • Availability: 4-6 Weeks
  • Stock Quantity: 0

The Motocorse radiator protection screen is obtained by a titanium sheet with a thickness of 0.6 millimeters. It's cut and perforated by chemical photo-shearing

Titanium is untouched material by corrosion and oxidation caused by atmospheric agents and time.

They provides excellent protection.
For installation are used the radiator's original connections.

Upper and lower units are sold separately

Make Model Years
ducati panigale v4 2018 - 2021
ducati panigale v4 r 2019 - 2021
ducati panigale v4 s 2018 - 2021
ducati panigale v4 sp 2021 - 2021
ducati streetfighter v4 2020 - 2021
ducati streetfighter v4 s 2020 - 2021
ducati superleggera v4 2020 - 2021

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