R&G Racing Radiator Guard (Black) for the Kawasaki Z650/Ninja 650 '17-'22 / Z650RS '2022


  • Brand: R&G Racing
  • Product Code: BRG0004BK
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Branded Radiator Guard For Kawasaki Z650 ’17- / Z650RS ’22- / Ninja 650 ’17- (BRG0004BK)

Our Branded Radiator Guards have been specially designed with bike enthusiasts in mind, each kit containing a unique design made to complement your bike. These exciting new Branded Radiator Guards are more than just visually outstanding, their stainless steel construction allows the guard to be incredibly strong and impervious to rust. Each laser-cut guard is crafted with a specific bike series in mind, boasting a distinctive design, while still allowing maximum airflow to the radiator so that cooling isn't compromised. The guard attaches easily and quickly to the radiator, by utilising the existing mounting bolts.

No modifications need to be made to the bike to install.

Useful Link:

Open Fitting Instructions

Make Model Years
kawasaki ninja 650 2017 - 2024
kawasaki Z650 2017 - 2024
kawasaki z650rs 2022 - 2024

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