AELLA Aluminum Clutch Release Cylinder Evo 28 Diameter (Design For Diavel)


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It is an EVO type clutch release designed exclusively for Diavel.

Evolved further EVO Weight has been reduced to the limit, compact smart body without any other examples. In addition to changing to the newly designed clutch piston shape, the adoption of the alignment ball further improved the operability feeling by bringing the contact point with the push rod into a point from the surface. Genuine rod anti-rotation measures Structural succession Further improvement of sealability

For example, in the case of a vehicle equipped with a 12 master cylinder, it is possible to reduce the grip strength by about 25% compared to the normal 26 release cylinder.
Kashima coat clutch piston (Hard lubrication alumite) → Improved operability
Logo engraved by laser marking
Red alumite / black alumite added to the lineup

Compatible model

  • Diavel

This product is 28.
The image is 30 (30 with the groove (line) in the chimney connecting the hoses, 28 not there)

Banjo Bolt: P1.0

Please be sure to read

There are 2 kinds (13 or 12) of the piston diameter on the master cylinder side depending on the model · model, and in case of combination with the 12 clutch master cylinder, the cut may be worse depending on the state of the clutch.
Especially in a horn-tank type clutch master cylinder-equipped vehicle or a clutch master cylinder-equipped vehicle without a lever adjuster mechanism, since the piston stroke is reduced by exchanging the release cylinder, the clutch is burned out.
The bad cuts are made by completely clenching the clutch disc, and in case of a master cylinder with a lever adjuster it is somewhat improved by setting the lever to a long distance, but please select it with reference to the following contents.

Even if it is slightly bad, the operation should be light anyway → ( 30 mm)
· It is preferable that it is lighter than genuine, and it is better not to get out of order → ( 28 mm),

especially ( 28 mm).
· Angular tank type clutch master cylinder mounted vehicle
· Clutch master cylinder equipped clutch master cylinder without lever adjuster mechanism
· Super bike series

Models that can improve the poor clutch clutching by exchanging the lever with the adjuster depending on the model Yes. For more information please contact us.

Make Model Years
ducati diavel 2011 - 2018
ducati diavel amg 2010 - 2016
ducati diavel carbon 2010 - 2018
ducati diavel cromo 2012 - 2013
ducati diavel strada 2013 - 2014

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