Alth 'Street' version Front Brake Rotor Pair for Bikes Without Traction Control / ABS


  • Brand: Alth
  • Product Code: Alth-Pair
  • Availability: 4-6 Weeks
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: if your bike has Traction Control / ABS, but you are trying to delete / remove it, you still need the rotors FOR a Traction Control / ABS Equipped Bike (link below) as this style is not made for your bike.

Alth floating brake rotors, available with your choice of a rounded, or star cut (wave style) rotor blade, and your choice of color for the rotor carrier, and the buttons!


We call this their "Street Version" but they are found on race tracks around the world, and happily aboard a few endurance race machines where they are tested to the extreme.



  • Sold in pairs
  • Available for nearly every motorcycle!
  • If you would like to confirm the carrier style, colors, and fitments available for your bike, please contact us.
  • Not all color options are available for all models
  • If by some crazy chance these are not available for your bike, or you don't like the color options available to you, we will contact you after the order is placed, and either refund you, or give you the choice of something else (Brembo, Beringer, ABM, SICOM, BRAKETECH, etc...), and basically just do our best to get you the closest thing to what you actually want.


More info about Alth:

Alth…they think their rotors should stop a bike like nothing else money can buy. And, they must do this under the most extreme conditions, without fading, warping, or in any way giving in to heat. With these objectives met, the rotors should be easy to live with. The bottom line is high levels of consistent performance, low maintenance, and long life.

To make all the happen, Alth has developed a proprietary heat-treating process which is applied to the laser cut stock, itself a proprietary alloy of carbon and chromium steel. The heat treating produces a metal that has the braking characteristics of ductile iron, but the stain and oxidation resistance of stainless steel. Every Alth rotor, therefore, can be said to deliver the best characteristics of the best materials available for brake rotors, without any of the shortcomings.

As if that wasn't enough, Alth goes further. This is an Italian company, after all, and as one might expect they cannot accept the idea that their product would be anything less than the most beautiful component on the motorcycle. So, they quite literally go to the trouble to design a unique rotor carrier style for each make and model application. Thus, the Honda rotors do not look like the Kawasaki rotors which don't look like the Ducati rotors, etc.

The CNC machined billet carriers are indeed, among the most beautiful brake parts we've ever seen. So
beautiful, in fact, that they might make one wonder if Alth was principally interested in appearance and aesthetics. Of course, that's not the case, as countless riders are discovering - riders like Pier Francesco and Reg Pridmore.

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