Motocorse Billet Rear Brake Reservoir for Ducati Panigale / Streetfighter V4 / S / R


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One thing about Ducati, they still use that ugly cheap plastic reservoir on the rear master- It's got that Weird Hose that is always in the way and it seeps... Why???

Well worry no more!

Made possible through the use of this exclusive Motocorse kit that allows you to have a Gorgeous integrated reservoir on that Rear Master!

Works with any Rearset kit too! (might need to  get longer screws however for your application)

Tank and cap are made of aluminum (Anticorodal), constructed through the use of CNC machines.  The finish is obtained by anodic oxidation in five Glorious different colors : Black, Silver, Gold, Red, and Hard Anodize (dark green).
The kit includes also all gaskets and necessary hardware for mounting.
No modification of the Bike is required to mount!

Reservoir and Matching cable Cover (and everything needed to mount it) is sold separately in the links below.

Make Model Years
ducati panigale v4 2018 - 2021
ducati panigale v4 r 2019 - 2021
ducati panigale v4 s 2018 - 2021
ducati panigale v4 sp 2021 - 2021
ducati streetfighter v4 2020 - 2021
ducati streetfighter v4 s 2020 - 2021
ducati superleggera v4 2020 - 2021

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