Beringer Aerotec 130mm 6 piston Radial Caliper


  • Brand: Beringer Brakes
  • Product Code: 6R01A
  • Availability: 4-6 Weeks
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Beringer's AEROTEC Radial calipers Offer Race Level Performance, Weight savings, and Strength / Durability, while allowing you the freedom to order a system that is specifically engineered to meet your demands.  Each Half is machined from a block of Billet aluminum -  the same aluminum Beringer uses to make the Aircraft and Race car Brakes its Famous for! Meticulously Designed & Machined with FEM software to optimize the weight/strength ratio, Beringer are always straight bolt on, Coated in in your choice of 12 Finishes and then assembled with only the Highest Quality Hardware.  Each Caliper includes Bolts and multiple Aluminum Spacer options to ensure Correct fitment and clearances. Pistons are 27mm in Diameter and you can swap them for the option Titanium Ones with embedded magnets that Pull your pads from the rotor just a little bit more than they would normally  (see related items below)

Pads included are Sintered, Road pads, good for casual to aggressive riding and occasional track days. Racing pads are available upon Below.

Will these Fit my bike? If your calipers mount like this and the space between the bolts (center to center) is 130mm, then yes:


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