REKLUSE BRAKE KIT for some Yamaha's


  • Brand: Rekluse
  • Product Code: RMS-5304
  • Availability: 1-3 Weeks
  • Stock Quantity: 0

The perfect compliment to an auto-clutch, the left hand rear brake kit allows a rider to fully operate the rear brake using only their left hand. Downhill right-handed switch backs have never been easier to ride. The rear foot pedal is still retained for use at any point in time.


What It Does:

The Rekluse left hand rear brake kit puts rear brake control at your finger-tips using a compact “one-finger” lever assembly, allowing the clutch lever to remain attached.  It creates a connection at your rear master cylinder through a machined cylinder sleeve allowing your foot pedal to remain attached and usable.


Features and Benefits:

  • Offers a second way to engage the rear brake
  • Frees up your foot for right-hand corners
  • Several mounting configurations allow you to customize your controls
  • Improved safety in intense environments like steep inclines and narrow ridges
Make Model Years
yamaha wr250f 2009 - 2016
yamaha wr450f 2009 - 2016
yamaha yz125 2009 - 2016
yamaha yz250 2009 - 2016
yamaha yz250f 2009 - 2016
yamaha yz250fx 2015 - 2016
yamaha yz250x 2016 - 2016
yamaha yz450f 2009 - 2016
yamaha yz450fx 2016 - 2016

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