Aluminum Banjo Bolt


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IMPORTANT NOTE: These are not longer made by the manufacturer and may not be available in the color you want that is shown in the picture.

Please see our replacement options in the links below

Aluminum Banjo Bolts.  Used on calipers, Master Cylinders, and Clutch slaves...

Brembo, Beringer, and Galespeed use a  fine (1.0) thread pitch whereas ISR, Nissin, and Tokiko brake components use a coarse (1.25) thread pitch. This means that you may need new banjo bolts when you upgrade your brake and clutch systems. Don't forget to change the crush washers at the same time to guarantee a perfect seal!

When talking about Clutch slaves, any Aftermarket Clutch Slave manufactured for your bike will use the same pitch, For example, Ducati, KTM, and BMW all use M10 x 1.0 For their clutch slaves.

Sold Individually.

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