Barracuda Rear Spoiler for the Ducati Monster S2R (2004-2008)

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The kit rear spoiler is made in ABS. It is not necessary any modification to the original parts for the assembling. Available even the version with e-marked LED light. For all Monster except 696. Exclusive BARRACUDA design .


Assembling Instructions


Respect for the HIGHWAY CODE and current REGULATORY

I PORTATARGA BARRACUDA kit if installed correctly (see specifications below) comply with existing regulations of the Road Traffic

Our PLATE NOT approved because it is NOT possible to approve the PORTATARGA kit with specific approval certificate (this BARRACUDA limit concerns but also all companies on the market)

PROPER INSTALLATION for the terms of the law is necessary:

  • Adjust the ANGLE to a maximum of 30 °
  • TIGHTEN well the hub so that we can not change the incline during the march voluntarily or even casually
  • Complete the installation with KIT CATARIFRNAGENTE
  • Ensure maximum visibility from the rear view
  • The PLATE BARRACUDA are developed with use of noble materials such as aluminum and stainless steel which ensure lightness and strength at the same time.

    To get the license plate inclination is used a joint in stainless steel that guarantees the movement and strength (exclusive of BARRACUDA technique).

    Each kit is designed specifically for the individual motorcycle offering a kit complete with everything you need.

    All BARRACUDA KIT TARGA are complete instructions and mounting kit for installation DO NOT expect any changes to the original parts of the bike.

    Important during the installation adjust the tilt of the plate to the maximum limit of 30 degrees established by law the rules of the road and then fix and lock the joint.

    We recommend, to complete the KITA TARGA, the purchase of related components such as PLATE LIGHT and the REFLECTOR.

    All BARRACUDA products of ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS needs are covered at the inside of the original packaging, also have the same buck in PDF files by clicking the next link.

    Make Model Years
    ducati monster s2r 1000 2006 - 2008

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