Unibat CBTX20-BS Battery with 3 yr Warranty


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Official Sponsor of the factory Ducati MotoGP Team

Unibat batteries are the highest quality AGM (Absorbed Glass Material) batteries available and include a 3 year unconditional warranty!

Lightweight lithium batteries are great.  So long as you live in a warmer climate, and don't mind paying $200 for every battery, every couple years...

For those of you looking for a battery that is high on technology and low on price, Unibat AGM batteries are the solution!

Unibat CBTX20-BS Batteries Utilize revolutionary Sealed Absorbed Glass Material (AGM) Technology and feature (when compared to Standard Lead acid) CBTX AGM batteries:

  • Higher CCA's for better starting power.
  • More Discharge Cycles.
  • Leak Proof Design so batteries can be mounted at any angle.
  • AMAZING, Unconditional 3-Year Warranty for all batteries sold in the USA.
  • Huge list of applications Include: Motorcycles, ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles and more. YTX20-BS Replacement.

Available for customers in the Continental USA only. Ships Ground.

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