EarthX Lumex 5mm LED Panel Mount Indicator


  • Brand: EarthX
  • Product Code: SSI-LXR4815ID12VWR
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • Stock Quantity: 0

Red 5mm panel mount LED light that works directly with the EarthX's ETX Hundred Series batteries (ETX680C, 680, 900, 1200) to remotely monitor battery faults internally. The 12V LED has a built in resistor for easy installation and compatibility with a 10-15V electrical system.  Details installation directions are located in the EarthX manual but it is very simple. To install, connect red wire to a positive bus connection, connect the black wire to fault monitoring wire (also black) that is located on the EarthX battery.


Manufacturer: Lumex- SSI-LXR4815ID12VWR

Color: Red

Mounting: Nut and Washer (included)

Termination style: Wire  20ga- 48″ length

Voltage: 12V

Drill bit size: .325 or 5/16″

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