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Official Sponsor of the factory Ducati MotoGP Team!

Introducing the NEW - UNIBAT Lithium Extra Series!

  • Over Charge and Over Discharge Protection!

  • Over Temperature Protection!

  • Excellent Life Cycle - Good for more than 2000 Cycles!

  • Super Cranking Capacity - Long Capacity Retention!

  • Lower Self Discharge - Longer Shelf Life!

  • Up to 75% Lighter than oem!

  • Up to 3 times more durable than traditional batteries.

  • Environmentally friendly compared to lead acid batteries.

ULT 1 Specifications:

  • Cranking Power - 150 Amps

  • Volts - 12

  • Weight - .50 kg

  • Size (mm) - 113x70x85

Unibat Lithium Batteries are about 3 times lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries but are able to guarantee far superior performance with extremely reduced dimensions.

The high versatility is given above all by the presence of 4 poles (reinforced and thicker), which guarantee a strong resistance to vibrations and an easy installation of the same without having to intervene on the electrical wiring or create housing and fixing problems. All models are supplied with a large kit of modular spacers that allow you to reach the size of the standard battery it replaces.

The power translates into the possibility of delivering strong starting currents thus allowing safe and repeated (and consecutive) starts even at low temperatures (weak point of lead-acid batteries).

It can also withstand long periods of inactivity (over a year).

Charging time is very short, only 6 minutes for a 90% recharge.

The batteries are equipped with a BMS (Battery Management System) device that controls overcharging and over-discharging as well as the temperature of the cells.

2-year warranty and an estimated life that exceeds 5 years thanks to over 2000 recharging cycles in JISD standard against 150-300 for lead-acid batteries.

Furthermore, UNIBAT batteries do not contain acids or other heavy metals, thus ensuring a very low environmental impact.

Choose UNIBAT Lithium Batteries!!!

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