AELLA Rearsets for the Ducati XDiavel


  • Brand: AELLA
  • Product Code: AE-10080
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Riding Step Kit for the Ducati XDiavel

AELLA's XDiavel Forward Controls offer 4 additional peg positions offering a large range of adjustment from the original location:

45 mm back / ± 0 mm Up / down

35 mm back/ ± 0 mm Up / down

45 mm back/ 10 mm above
35 mm back/ 10 mm above

Through much study involving the actual use of the bike, it was determined that these positions offer significantly improved comfort, especially for touring use (which this bike is FANTASTIC for).

Further, by adopting the use of (AELLA's first) Heel/Toe or "See-Saw" balanced shifter, finding neutral is easier than ever before, even when stopped!

Both pedals feature double ball bearing construction, and are engineered for rigidity and perfectly smooth operation.

Available in 3 different colors: Silver, Polished, and Black.


Uncompromising Form and Function - Made in Japan.

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