Furygan Blade Leather Jacket


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Main external material : premium leather, as per our race suits.

Feel the fear – the Blade is back ! With its new, more aggressive colour scheme, it’s the jacket for hardcore racing fans. Made from the same leather as our race suits, the Blade steps off the track to offer complete on-road protection.

Care Instructions:

- Always let your garment air dry after use. Never sun-dry it or put it directly in contact with a heating source as it could damage the leather.
- Do not store your jacket in a bag or in an airtight container. Humidity can damage the garment.
- Clean your garment on a regular basis (once a month) with a damp sponge and mild detergent (i.e. household soap). Let air dry and then wipe with a soft cloth soaked with cleansing milk (i.e. baby cleansing milk) to nourish the leather, preserve its flexibility and avoid premature drying of the material.
- If required you can wash the inside of your garment as follows:

  • Remove all the protectors as well as the removable thermal insert.
  • Fasten the zips and velcro.
  • Hand-wash your jacket inside out with a mild detergent and tepid water (30°c).
  • Slow-spin dry your garment in your washing machine, with low speed and still inside out to avoid damages on the external protection shells (600 rpm maximum).
  • Air dry in the shade, with a container below.

- To moisturise your jacket usea soft cloth and baby cleansing milk.
- In cases where the leather has dried out, use Furygan’s leather grease, available in all Furygan dealers.
- You can use a waterproofing spray on leathers as it makes the leather more resistant to water as well as to dirt.
- The NEW TEXAS / NEW TEXAS OUTLAST jackets CANNOT be moisturised. As the leather is oily and it won’t dry. To remove greasy stains, apply “Terre de Sommières”, and use a crepe rubber eraser to clean it (available in shoe repair shops).
- Removable thermal inserts can be washed in the washing machine with a wool washing liquid, on a delicate cycle, 30°c maximum and a medium spin drying (800 rpm maximum).
- No dry cleaning.

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